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If you are interested in gardening (why else are you here?) and the science behind gardening, The Garden Professors is exactly what you want. They – a group of horticulture professors from several states – post frequent and highly interesting articles. This past week has covered every thing from possible hazards of compost tea to the LD50 of coffee to a review of a classic organic gardening book. Every Friday there is a puzzle – usually on what went wrong with a plant. If you’re looking for a challenge, try these out.

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Remember this cute little fall colored native shrub? Zenobia pulverulenta close

It turns out she has quite a bit of history behind her, and this is History with a capital H. Take a look at the blog Zenobia: Empress of the East for some fascinating reading, both on the plant and the historical Zenobia and her world.



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The Fall Garden Project

Be sure to take a look over at http://www.growingthehomegarden.com/ where The Fall Garden Project is collecting blog posts, links and photos documenting the movement of fall color across the country.  So many excellent posts and photos, all linked from one spot. Time to pack up the camera and go leaf spotting.

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