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It’s so easy you won’t believe you haven’t thought of this method before. Or maybe you have, but wondered what the neighbors would think.

Lawn maintenance is expensive, both for the lawn owner and for the environment. Huge quantities of fertilizer and pesticides are used every year to produce and preserve the perfect monoculture of turfgrass that is the American lawn. Much of it is overused, misapplied or runs off into our water systems.

The equipment used to mow and care for a large lawn is costly and requires it’s own frequent maintenance – ride on mowers, aerators, dethatchers, spreaders, etc. There’s gas to purchase (and burn at a much more pollution producing rate than the worst clunker car), blades to sharpen, cleaning, oiling, repairing. What other plant in your yard requires so much weekly attention? (Ok, annual flowers and vegetables can, you got me. I bet they give more pleasure, and in the case of the vegetables, monetary savings than the lawn though.)

And if you hire a lawn service to do all this, it’s even more $, and from what people tell me, very few are actually happy with the results.

I can save you from all that, and for the insignificant fee of ONLY….well, nothing. Sooner or later you’ll think of it yourself, or the neighbor you’re worried about will put the plan into action, and life in your yard will get easier.  So, here’s the secret….

Ask yourself “How much lawn do I really need and want?” Not how much you think you should have, or the neighborhood will find acceptable, but how much is right for you. If you’ve got a pile of teenagers at home that play football and would otherwise destroy the inside of the house, the answer might be quite a lot of lawn (let them mow it.)

Big enough lawn lgIf you don’t THIS might be the right answer for you. Or something in between, or even, none at all.

Yep, just look at that. Big enough to sunbathe on, big enough to set off the garden surrounding it, big enough for a small garden party. Small enough to mow with a cheap hand push mower in 10 minutes with time left over to extract the 5 dandelions. Easy.

So what do you do with all that left over space? Lot of possibilities – you could plant a vegetable garden big enough to feed you, your family and more to share, or a  small orchard. Or you could plant easy maintenance trees or ground covers or ornamental grasses or perennials or a meadow or all of the above. If you need some ideas, take a look over at The Lawn Reform Coalition, where you can find absolute heaps of inspiration for lawnlessness.

You’ll have to figure out what to do with the extra time and money.

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