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I really wanted to post a bright, perky, colorful post for a gray Friday. But it wasn’t to be.

Article at ConnectMidMichigan.com

This is one of those horrible headlines that Extension agents have nightmares about. As must all the farmers, 4-Hers, gardeners and many others that are provided with researched, reliable information from people who they know care about them, their livelihood and well-being. The Cooperative Extension Service system is undoubtedly one of the great parts of our country, benefiting millions of Americans in every state and county. I’m heartbroken for all the people in Michigan who will be affected, both by losing their jobs, and by losing their trusted advisers. Go to the article, read the comments, imagine this happening to the Extension Service in your state and counties.

Here’s the Clemson (South Carolina) Extension website. Take a look at everything that’s there, at everything it does for people in SC.

  • 4-H Youth Development
  • Economic & Community Development
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Forestry & Natural Resources
  • Horticulture
  • Livestock & Forages
  • Rowcrops
  • Urban & Structural Pests
  • Home & Garden Information Center
  • Soil & Other Testing
  • Pesticide Safety & Education
  • Pesticide Regulation
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Books, DVDs & more…
  • Income Tax Course for Tax Consultants

What would happen if it all went away?

Tomorrow I’ll be perky.

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